Steam & Hot Water Supervisor

Scope of Work
To install, add to, alter or repair steam and hot water heating systems, solar water heating; process piping and related appurtenances; piping used for the transmission of chemicals, gases, air and other products; all items regulated by the Mechanical and Plumbing Code for boilers pressure vessels, steam and water heating systems and process piping; low-static gas-fired unit heaters; industrial ovens; burners; controls; piping and controls utilizing gas, liquid or solid fuel; water heaters; pipe insulation and low-voltage wiring which does not exceed 48 volts and is not enclosed in a conduit or raceway.  All work to be done under the on site supervision of a Steam and Hot Water Supervisor Certificate holder.

ICC Exam #N29 National Standard Master Mechanical

Minimum Experience Required To Apply
Eight (8) years in Commercial steam and hot water installation work consisting of the following:

       (4) years field installation experience in a journeyman or on-the-job
             training program completing a minimum of 7,000  hrs. AND

       (4) years experience as a Designer or Supervisor.

Application Form and Required Documents
Certificate Application 
Affidavit of Lawful Presence can schedule ICC testing once an application has been approved.