Building Contractor Class B

Scope Of Work
To erect, add to, alter or repair any building or structure of the following types:
  1. Types I or II limited in height to less than a high rise and in area to that allowed for a Type III building. 
  2. Type III, IV or V buildings.  
The demolition of any one and two-dwelling unit buildings or one-story building or structure is permitted.  The contractor may install nonbearing partitions, do interior finish work, or replace windows from the interior side in any type of building or structure.  All work shall be performed under the supervision of Class A or B Construction Supervisor Certificate.
Minimum Experience Required To Apply

1.   Four (4) years in building construction field work as a Field Engineer or General Superintendent responsible for the following types of activities on commercial buildings: (strip malls, convenience stores, office buildings, multi-story buildings up to 75 feet) in all three areas:

        a)  Excavations for buildings;

        b)  Erection of structural elements of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, heavy timber or other wood;

        c)   General supervision over all building trades.

2.  Notarized letters must show WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE you’ve built commercial buildings.

A degree in Structural Engineering or Architecture from an accredited college.  A “B.S.” or “B.A.” degree may be substituted for up to two (2) years of the required fieldwork.  A copy of the degree must be provided.  

ICC Exam #N12 National Standard Building (B)


Application Form and Required Documents  
Certificate Application 
Affidavit of Lawful Presence can schedule ICC testing once an application has been approved.