General Contractor Class A

Scope Of Work
To erect, add to, alter, demolish or repair any building or structure.  All work to be done under the on site supervision of a Class A Construction Supervisor Certificate holder.
Minimum Experience Required To Apply

1.  Seven (7) years in building construction field work as a Field Engineer or General Superintendent responsible for the following types of activities on high rise buildings over 75' in all three areas:

         a)  Excavations at least (10) ft deep;

         b)  Erection of structural elements of reinforced concrete, steel,
              masonry, heavy timber or other wood;

         c) General supervision over all building trades.

2.  Notarized letters must show WHAT, WHEN AND WHERE you’ve built High Rise buildings.

3.  A degree in Structural Engineering or Architecture from an accredited college. A "B.S." or "B.A." degree may be substituted for up to three (3) years of the required field work.  A copy of the degree must be provided.  
Applicant must document High Rise experience for a Class A Certificate.
ICC Exam #N11 National Standard General Building Contractor A

Application Form and Required Documents

Affidavit of Lawful Presence can schedule ICC testing once an application has been approved.