Residential Contractor Class C

Scope Of Work

To erect, add to, alter or repair one and two family dwellings U Occupancy buildings and attached single unit dwellings (townhouses).  The demolition of any one and two-dwelling unit building or U Occupancy building or structure is permitted.  All work shall be performed under the supervision of the holder of a Class A, B or C Construction Supervisor Certificate.

Minimum Experience Required To Apply

1.  Two (2) years of building construction field work as a Journeyman Carpenter or Construction Foreman with notarized documentation showing experience in construction of one (1) or two (2) family dwellings working with the following (3) areas:

      a.  Foundation

      b.  Framing

      c.  Roofing

2.  Up to one (1) year of building construction design work may be submitted for an equal amount of fieldwork. Such design work shall consist of one or more of these positions:

         a.   Designer

         b.   Draftsman

Notarized letters must show WHAT, WHEN and WHERE you’ve built residential one (1) or two (2) family dwellings. 

ICC Exam #N13 National Standard Residential Building Contractor C

Application Form and Required Documents
Certificate Application 
Affidavit of Lawful Presence can schedule ICC testing once an application has been approved.