Custom Size Window Replacement

Scope of Work
Work limited to town houses, one and two family dwelling unit buildings not requiring any structural alterations.  This certificate is only required if the work is being done in a landmark district.  All work to be done under on site supervision by a Class D – Custom Size Window Replacement Supervisor Certificate holder.
Note:  The installation of curtain walls, glass block or storefronts is not allowed under this license.  The replacement and installation of windows in commercial buildings is not allowed under this license.
No test required.
Minimum Experience Required To Apply
Two (2) years of field experience in the respective trade.
Application Form and Required Documents
Certificate Application 
Affidavit of Lawful Presence

Mailed applications must have both the affidavit and the copy of a secure and verifiable identification notarized

Once a Certificate has been issued the Certificate holder can then apply for a Contractor License.
License Applications will not be accepted until Supervisor Certificates have been approved.
License Application
Explanation of required Secretary of State Documents