Trash Chute Installer

Scope of Work
Factory assembled with all joints welded and installed in accordance with manufactured installation instructions and approved by the Denver Building Department.  No FIELD MODIFICATIONS will be permitted.  The chute must be in compliance with NFPA 82.  The licensee and one helper must perform the installation, or they must hold a Journeyman Certificate.  (Ratio:  for each Journeyman one helper is permitted).  Shaft enclosure must be in compliance with Denver Building Code.   All work to be done under on site supervision of Class D-Trash Chute Installer Supervisor Certificate holder.
No test required.
Minimum Experience Required To Apply
Two (2) years of field experience in the respective trade
Application Form and Required Documents
Certificate Application 
Affidavit of Lawful Presence

Mailed applications must have both the affidavit and the copy of a secure and verifiable identification notarized.