1st Avenue Bridge over Cherry Creek

In September of 2011, ABCO Contracting began the repairs of the 1st Avenue bridge over Cherry Creek. The bridge is located near the intersection of 1st Avenue and Downing. This project will improve the overall condition of the bridge, repave the road on the bridge and improve the sight distance and safety of the trail beneath it.

Trail Detour and Bus Stops

The bike and pedestrian trail around the construction zone will be closed for the duration of the project. All pedestrians, bicyclists and other users of the trail will be detoured off the trail. A map of the detour is below. Please use caution when crossing 1st Avenue. For your safety please pay close attention to the traffic signals and use the crosswalks along the detour. The project team has arranged with RTD the addition of two temporary bus stop locations for eastbound commuters. One new bus stop is west of the construction zone in between Corona and Downing and the other is located east of the construction zone near the entrance to the Denver Country Club. 

Project Update

A milestone was met in February by finishing the new bridge approach and soil retaining system, which will allow for the new alignment of the trail to begin.  ABCO has completed over half of the repair and replacement of the expansion joints and approach slabs on the bridge. The old concrete barrier along the north side of the bridge has been removed and a new one has been built. New curbs and gutters have also been installed along 1st Avenue.  Over the next few months the remaining critical areas on the top of the bridge will be repaired with new concrete and rebar. The new trail alignment, as well as the building of a new masonry wall along the trail, are scheduled to begin in March 2012. Most of the remaining work is focused on repairing the bridge abutments and enhancing the bridge above with new pavement and over 600 feet of new steel and concrete railings.  The completion of the project has been extended to June of 2012 due to the need of additional repairs. The repair of the top concrete layer of the bridge (or bridge "deck") was not originally expected, but after removal of the asphalt overlay, the project team found the deck to be badly damaged. This layer is important to the strength and safety of the bridge. The project team will continue to maintain traffic in two lanes over the bridge as much as possible. 

Project Duration

All work is weather dependent. The project is scheduled for completion in early June of 2012. Work can be expected from 7am – 7pm; normally) Monday through Friday


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ABCO contracting appreciates your patience with the repair project. If you have questions or concerns about the project please leave a message on the project’s hotline. You can also visit the projects web site or call the project hotline for updates on lane and trail closures.

Phone: 303.495.5722

Web: www.denvergov.org/ccreekbridge 

Email: ccreekbridge@PublicInfoTeam.com