Federal Boulevard Environmental Assessment

In 1995, the City and County of Denver completed the Federal Boulevard Corridor Plan which identified potential roadway improvements for Federal Boulevard that would enhance the image and improve the safety and efficiency of the corridor for residents and visitors. As a follow-up to the Corridor Plan, this study has been initiated to:

Identify the primary transportation issues in the corridor, which based on preliminary analysis include:

  • Reduce higher than normal accident rates
  • Correct substandard lane widths
  • Improve deteriorated sidewalk conditions
  • Improve poor pavement conditions
  • Consider improvements to reduce traffic back-ups at bus stops
  • Improve parking conflicts with Federal Blvd.
  • Consider adding a center median
  • Develop and evaluate a series of alternatives that address these issues
  • Prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) to determine the effects the alternatives would have on the corridor’s businesses, residents, and commuters.

Federal Boulevard PEL

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