Protection / Restraining Orders

You can request a temporary restraining order if there has been harm, the threat of harm, or an act of violence.

There are two ways to obtain a protection order:  as part of the criminal case, or in civil court.  If you want a protection order (also called a “no contact order”) while your case is being adjudicated, contact a victim advocate in our office by calling 720.913.8020.  This protection order/no contact order is not permanent and will expire when the criminal case is closed.

If you wish to pursue a permanent protection order, you will need to obtain a civil protection order.  The Denver Protection Order Court is located in the City and County Building, 1437 Bannock, Room 170.  You may file for a protection order at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.  You will be asked to provide the name of the defendant, where the defendant lives or works, and information that shows why you are in fear for your safety, and you may be assessed a $25 fee.  You may call the Court with questions at 720.865.7275.  Project Safeguard has staff on site who can offer assistance and can be reached at 303.317.4157.

Below are some tips to help you obtain a protection order.

  • Protection order paperwork must be turned in by 9 a.m. Monday through Friday.
  • There are court fees and a fee for serving the paperwork, although if your case involves domestic violence, both fees are waived.
  • If you are indigent, the court filing fee may be waived. The fee is also waived in cases involving stalking, sexual assault and elder abuse.
  • Children will not be allowed in Courtroom 170.  Free daycare for those appearing in court is available for children ages six weeks – 12 years at the Warm Welcome Child Care Center, located across Colfax at 270 14th Street (14th Street and Court Street). 
  • Project Safeguard provides free assistance the protection order paperwork.  Their office is located in the City and County Building in Room 177; they can be reached at 303-865.9159.
  • Self help forms are available through the Project Safeguard office or online at
  • The process of requesting a temporary or permanent protection order can take up to several hours.
  • If you receive a temporary protection order, you must return to court two weeks later to request that the order be made permanent.  The court will assign a specific date to return.  The defendant will have the right to appear and testify in a permanent protection order hearing.