Jobs and Opportunities

The mission of the City Attorney’s Office is to provide the highest quality legal counsel and representation to its wide client base, accomplished by providing prompt, courteous and professional service. Our office is committed to ensuring a work environment that stimulates every person to achieve their highest professional and personal development. The legal professionals who provide talent to our offices pro bono join our attorneys and staff in an important role as a steward of the public trust.

To apply for Professional Development and Internship opportunities please contact Ashley Koren:

720-865-8770 (office)

Denver law firms partner with us to give their junior associates trial experience through the Municipal Court Trial Advocacy Program (MCTAP). Firms provide an attorney to our Prosecution and Code Enforcement section for approximately eight weeks to grow in voir dire, trial technique, and the application of the rules of evidence.

This is an intensive assignment where these associates work directly with our team handling cases from inception to disposition. Direct, hands-on participation includes depositions, motion practice, court conferences, settlement negotiations, and, ultimately, trials. Cases can range from premises liability and motor vehicle accidents to wrongful incarceration, false arrest, and malicious prosecution.
Our caseload is such that just the work of depositions is a focus of pro bono attorneys. Unlike MCTAP, this assignment allows young and emerging legal professionals to gain experience preparing and conducting pre-trial depositions.

This depth of focus on an important facet of pre-trial litigation work strengthens young attorneys’ client services skills and confidence to interact with opposing counsel. This role provides exposure to a wide spectrum of cases, from individual damages actions to class action to multi-party litigation. Scheduling of depositions is more flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of the attorneys participating.
We are fortunate to have the ongoing involvement of some of Denver’s top law firms, which occasionally take on our trial cases in addition to their regular obligations. In fulfillment of their pro bono requirements, the firms dedicate a portion of their attorneys’ time to our ongoing trial needs, and the value to us is profound. Their support of our work demonstrates their pride in this livable, vibrant community and their commitment to maintaining a strong municipal legal system.
Our office formed a strategic partnership with the University of Colorado, School of Law to create one-year Legal Fellowship positions for recent law school graduates. The Fellows are full-time attorneys that appear in court, take depositions, draft legal documents and advise clients. This has quickly become a coveted and competitive opportunity that we would like to expand with other law schools in the region.
Our robust internship program gives law students an opportunity to engage in substantive legal work. Typically involving students in the summer months of their schooling, these internships challenge the incoming members of our profession to apply their education in real-world setting.

Student externs are eligible for law school credit when they work with our attorneys during the school year. Third year law students can expect real courtroom experience as they practice with experienced municipal attorneys under the Student Practices Act.

For permanent positions with the City and County of Denver please contact the Career Services Authority.