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An Intro To Council's 2014 Budget Priorities

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Do you feel safe when biking and walking in Denver? The Denver City Council wants you to!

When the City Council met for its annual budget retreat this past  April to set 2014 budget priorities, Councilmembers overwhelmingly voted to make bike and pedestrian infrastructure and safety their #1 priority for the 2014 budget.  Many members cited concerns over a recent spike in pedestrian-bike-car accidents, especially hit and run accidents, while others pointed to public outcry for a separated, protected bike lane on 15th Street.

I am sure you’re  asking yourself what is a budget priority and how does it affect my daily commute?  The short answer is sidewalks and bike lanes are constructed and improved using budgeted city dollars.  Moreover, City Council has purview over budget items and ultimately approves the City budget every year.  Council will review and debate the Mayor’s proposed 2014 budget later this fall. 

The Council has asked the Mayor and his agencies to focus on the following areas as they develop the 2014 budget: accelerate the implementation of Denver Moves (a city-wide plan to connect existing bike routes), hire more bike and pedestrian planners, and provide safe walkways and bike paths along major arterial streets, especially to schools, and for bike commuters. 

These goals will take cooperation between many city agencies and of course, you.  Your councilmember needs your input to meet these goals in a way that reflects your community.    

Check back over the coming weeks for blog posts regarding the budget process and more City Council priorities. 

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