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Denver Expects $1 Billion Budget - How Is It Spent?

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7/9/2013 1:45 PM  RssIcon

How would you spend a billion dollars? 

This is the question the City is asking right now.  In a previous blog posting we explored City Council’s #1 budget priority for 2014: Bike and Pedestrian Infrastructure and Safety.  Today, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of the budgeting process.  I know, numbers and zeros aren’t very interesting, but all of those numbers add up to one big budget that operates our wonderful city.

Budgeting is a year long process that begins with months of negotiations among the Mayor’s Office, the Budget & Management Office (BMO), and all the city agencies.  During this process City Council also meets in an annual budget retreat to identify its budget priorities, which the city agencies take into account as they formulate their budget requests.  Click here to view City Council’s 2014 budget priorities

On July 1st, City Council gets a first look at the budget requests submitted by the individual agencies to the BMO.  Everything is preliminary at this point as the Mayor is considering all the requests and is developing his proposal for City Council review.    

By September 15th, Mayor Hancock must submit his proposed budget to City Council for consideration (the document is always made available for the public in City Council’s central office and electronically on the BMO website).  

City Council then holds budget hearings in late September, early October at which city agencies explain their sections of the Mayor’s proposed budget.  These hearings are televised on Denver 8 TV.   During the hearings Council members ask questions on program details, spending decisions, and how the proposals address the Council priorities. 

By the fourth Monday in October, Council must hold a public hearing on the Mayor’s budget for citizens to voice their opinions and concerns.  At that time Councilmembers may offer amendments to the Mayor’s budget (7 votes are required for an amendment to be adopted). Council must vote on the final budget document by November 12.  The final step is an ordinance appropriating funds to the programs and projects.  For a complete timeline of the budget process click here.

Check back in the coming weeks for more details about City Council’s budget priorities and how they are addressed in the 2014 budget process.  

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