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What Would You Like To See In Your Community?

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7/16/2013 1:35 PM  RssIcon

What would you like to see in your community?  Open spaces, bike lanes, street trees, mixed use development? 

 This is a question city planners from Denver’s Community Planning and Development (CPD) Department ask when leading a community through a neighborhood planning process.  I am sure you are asking yourself what is CPD and how would I interact with it?  CPD is responsible for city planning and ensuring safe, responsible, sustainable building.  The Department is organized into two branches: development services and planning services.   

Development Services  coordinates the development permitting process, from concept to certificate of occupancy, for all residential and commercial construction projects in the City.  Functions include permitting, inspections, and coordinating plan reviews of by several entities, including Wastewater, Traffic Engineering, Fire and all the utilities.

Planning Services is responsible for preparing plans and regulatory tools that guide growth, enhancement, and preservation of the Denver community.  Plans, based on broad public participation, are prepared on a citywide basis, as well as for smaller areas, such as neighborhoods, corridors and transit station areas.  Adopted plans provide the collective community vision for Denver’s future and set the stage for sustainable development. The strategy that the City uses for guiding this growth is outlined in Blueprint Denver: An Integrated Land Use & Transportation Plan.

In its 2014 Budget Priorities, City Council asked CPD to prioritize updating older neighborhood plans and developing plans for neighborhoods which have no official plans.  Check here to see if your neighborhood has an adopted plan.  Council requested that Health Impacts Assessments (HIA) be included in these plans.  HIAs use comprehensive health, land use and transportation data to inform the design of neighborhood plans.  Currently, CPD and Denver Environmental Health are collaborating to standardize the HIA evaluation process.

Check back next week to learn about the next budget priority on City Council’s list for 2014 -- the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative and the corridor of opportunity.

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