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Have you, a friend, or family member been laid off? Denver Wants To Help

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8/2/2013 2:09 PM  RssIcon

Have you, a friend, or family member been laid off?  Denver Wants To Help

With 7.3% unemployment,  the experience has become unacceptably common for Denverites in the recent poor economy.  But City Council and the Office of Economic Development are working to grow the economy and help prepare the workforce for jobs of the future—with living wages.  Last week’s blog looked at major infrastructure projects in North Denver which will produce significant job growth.  And your City Council  declared preparing  Denver residents and youth for career employment, especially in light manufacturing and construction, a top 2014 Budget Priority.  

The Office of Economic Development (OED) -Workforce Development Division partners with public and private entities to provide job training and career pathways for Denver residents.  Programs range from job fairs to career specific training programs with job placement.  Check out the website to see if any of the City’s programs peak your interest. 

One program focuses on retooling the workforce to meet the needs of manufacturing—an expected growth industry.  The Advanced Manufacturing Advisory Council (AMAC) is comprised of industry businesses, associations, supply chains, and education institutions.  The purpose is to establish a plan for a skilled workforce pipeline.  The plan will include training curriculums and credentials, link outreach to youth, young adults, and the long-term unemployed.  In fact, the advisory group has already partnered with the Community College of Denver and the Emily Griffith Technical College to establish an Advanced Manufacturing Youth Academy that will provide youth with 10 manufacturing certifications, training in applied mathematics, and a career pathways plan.  

Next week’s blog post examines the proposed recreational marijuana sales tax on this November’s ballot: if you’re unsure what that is, stay tuned for an explanation next week.

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