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Denver’s City Charter was created in 1904 and outlines city structure, election procedures, as well as the powers and responsibilities of elected officials and agencies.  In March of this year, the Mayor convened the Good Government (G2) Committee to examine the Charter in an effort to modernize it and create efficiencies in city government processes.  The G2 Committee was made up of City Council members, various public and private representatives, and city employees with subject matter expertise.

In July, the G2 Committee released its recommendations and the Mayor brought forward two ballot questions to City Council Committees for discussion and referral to the November 05, 2013 ballot.  These questions propose changes to the Charter regarding the Department of Safety and other city agencies.  The proposed changes range from broadening the investment portfolio of the city to establishing qualification criteria for the Denver Fire Chief, in addition to allowing the Manager of Aviation up to five discretionary appointments for an executive team at Denver International Airport. 

Follow the links below to view the ordinances, presentations, and committee videos relating to these two ballot questions.

 Safety  Other City Agencies 

Health, Safety and Education Committee

o   July 30, 2013

o   August 06, 2013

Government and Finance Committee

o   July 31, 2013

The bills referring the ballot questions are expected to be introduced on Monday, August 19, 2013 at City Council.  These bills require two readings prior to being placed on the ballot.  Once the bills are approved for the ballot, then it will be up to you, the voters, to decide on Election Day to make the changes in Charter. 

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Don’t forget to register to vote by October 08, 2013! 

Next week’s blog will examine another ballot question that was brought forward by the Denver Clerk and Recorder.


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