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Proposed Changes To Elections Procedures

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8/22/2013 10:20 AM  RssIcon

Denver’s Clerk and Recorder, Debra Johnson, recently proposed changes to the Denver Charter regarding elections.  As noted in previous blogs, any changes to the Charter—which is essentially the City’s constitution— must be approved by Denver voters.  The Clerk’s proposal is expected to be on the November 5, 2013 ballot. 

The intent of the Clerk’s proposal is to “clean up” the Charter so that it focuses on the fundamental election issues— such as the number of signatures required for recall or to place a question on the ballot, or the age requirements for candidates for office.  Under Clerk Johnson’s proposal, administrative and procedural language such as details of forms and required paperwork is to be moved to the Denver Revised Municipal Code, if voters agree. 

One substantive change in the Clerk’s proposal would delete language prohibiting Denver’s Clerk and Recorder from running for another elective office.  Clerk Johnson says that no other elected official faces a similar prohibition and the prohibition is not common at either the State or local level. 

For a complete list of the elections proposals click here, or watch the archived video of the August 7th Government and Finance Committee meeting and hear for yourself what Clerk Johnson has to say about her proposal. 

As mentioned in previous blogs there are several ballot questions expected on the November 5, 2013 ballot.  Others include a proposed 3.5% sales tax on recreational marijuana and two separate Charter change proposals that affect executive agencies and the Department of Safety.  Don’t forget to register to vote by October 8, 2013!

Next week, we’ll examine the licensing and regulatory ordinance for recreational marijuana. 

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