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How cool is it that we live in a country where the government asks for our opinion?

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10/31/2013 3:00 PM  RssIcon

How cool is it that we live in a country where the government asks for our opinion? 

Tuesday, November 05, 2013 is Election Day!!!  Ballots were mailed to all active voters beginning October 16, 2013.  Voters will have the options of mailing their ballots back, dropping them off in person or voting at any Voter Service and Polling Center.

Haven’t registered?  Don’t fret - the in-person voter registration deadline has been extended through Election Day.  Click here and scroll to Page 11, Section 8 to read C.R.S.1-2-201, the law authorizing same day voter registration, which is new for this election cycle.

For more information pertaining to the election visit the Denver Clerk and Recorder – Elections Webpage.    Some examples of information available in both English and Spanish are: polling site locations, sample ballots, acceptable forms of identification, video introductions from School Board Candidates, and in-depth coverage - both pro and con - of the ballot initiatives, including state and local marijuana taxation.  

Another resource for ballot issue coverage is City Council’s blog.  City Council - Legislative Services has authored blogs on the referred questions: 2A (Local Sales Tax on Recreational Marijuana), 2B & 2C (Various Charter changes brought forward by Mayor Hancock’s Good Government Committee), and 2D (Changes to Charter and Ordinances relating to the Clerk and Recorder Office).

Thanks for exercising your right to vote as a citizen.

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