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City Council Talks Dollars & Cents

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4/4/2014 3:49 PM  RssIcon

Each spring the Denver City Council gathers as a body of the whole to talk dollars and cents. 

Last year Denver surpassed the billion dollar mark with its annual budget.   And we posted a blog that asked you - the public - how would spend a billion dollars?  If you were paying attention, Council submitted 12 budget priorities for the 2014 budget to Mayor Hancock, with bike and pedestrian infrastructure and safety was the number one priority.  If you like to know more about these priorities click here or take a look back at the many blogs outlining each individual priority.  

Today Council met again, and boy was it exciting.  The day began with Councilmembers listening to a budget and revenue forecast from the Budget Management Office.  This sparked a lively conversation about the state of Denver’s economic health.  And good news! - Denver has surpassed it growth and revenue projections from last year.  But, what that means for citizens is that services will not need to cut this budget cycle.   

Following this discussion Council examined the progress and accomplishments related to its 2014 budget priorities.  Lastly, Councilmembers discussed the budget priorities they want to emphasize to the Mayor when drafting the 2015 budget.  They voted on 18 potential budget priorities, suggested by the individual members!  But, the Council has yet to decide how many to send to the Mayor.  So…

Stay tuned for the formal press release and the 2015 Budget Priorities list.  If you are not a member of the Denver City Council subscriber list, sign up here to receive the press releases, blog updates, weekly agendas, and Council’s meeting schedule.  

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