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What Is In Your Basket - Plastic Grass Or The Real Deal?

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4/16/2014 2:45 PM  RssIcon

What costs $150? – 150 Chocolate bunnies or a civil citation for the open and public consumption of marijuana.

Denver City Council wants to wish you a great weekend, whether you are at an egg hunt, in the park, or at one of the many music festivals taking place throughout the city.  The Council also wants to remind the public about the Denver laws concerning marijuana.  

We took the liberty of highlighting a couple relevant laws below.


Can marijuana be consumed on private property? 

Yes, with permission of the owner or tenant as long as the user is age 21 or older.

Can marijuana be consumed on commercial or public property, including restaurant/bar patio seating?


Can marijuana be consumed in Denver’s parks, open spaces, or on the 16th Street Mall?


What are the consequences if I choose to consume marijuana in public places and I am 18 years of age or older? 

Civil citations = 1st offense $150, 2nd Offense $500, 3rd & Subsequent Offenses $999.

(The faq list above is an excerpt from Cannabis Q & A, a blog post from January 2014.)   

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