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Don’t Pay Us $50

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4/23/2014 3:32 PM  RssIcon

How can you save $50 bucks while protecting Denver’s air and water quality? 

By moving you car for street sweeping once a month, April through November!

Parking restrictions are posted on Red and White signs on each block.  Be sure to check them out when you are parking in unfamiliar territory.  You can also sign up for email reminders for specific locations.  And remember parking restrictions are in affect from 8am-5pm.  If you park on a block after it has been swept you Will get a ticket.

I am sure you are thinking to yourself why would the city want to remind me? Don’t they want my money? 

Well you couldn’t be further from the truth.  The goal of the Denver Public Works Street Maintenance Street Sweeping Program is to remove debris before it plugs up our storm water drainage or pollutes the South Platte River.  In addition, street sweeping improves air quality by limiting the amount of dirt particles in the air. 

Thank you for showing pride in Denver’s natural resources by obeying street sweeping parking restrictions all while avoiding that $50 ticket.

Fun facts: Annually, Denver street sweeping crews sweep approximately 100,000 lane miles of Denver streets and collect 42,000 cubic yards of dirt and debris. Denver Public Works Street Sweeping program consists of 28 street sweepers and 10 dump trucks. (Courteously of Denver Public Works)

By Ean Thomas Tafoya

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