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If you have been following the news lately then you may have heard there was discussion between the City and Washington Park stakeholders regarding the facilities and use of Washington Park.  Many members of the surrounding community were concerned about the consumption of alcohol in the park, including 3.2 beer, the impacts of traffic, and the misbehavior of some intoxicated park users. 

This spurred a large conversation between neighbors, park users, and City officials, including Councilmen Chris Nevitt and Charlie Brown.  Originally, a complete ban of alcohol for one year was suggested.  After several stakeholder meetings a different compromise was agreed to:

·         3.2 beer will not be banned

·         Drivers will be directed to the South High School parking lot as an effort to alleviate some parking issues.   

·         Denver Right-of-Way Services will increase patrols in order to deal parking infractions.

·          Park Ranger patrols will increase.

·         Hours that bathroom facilities are open will be extended.

·         A new, large-activity permit will be required for groups of 25 people or more that want to play Volleyball in the meadow.  The permit will be free, but a $30 refundable deposit will be required for a three-hour time limit, and a $60 deposit for a six-hour time limit, to ensure reservations end on time.

The recent focus on alcohol in Washington Park, this is great opportunity to highlight other Parks rules that you may not know about, including the illegality of any beverage with more than 3.2% alcohol by volume.  Here are a few things that this blog would like to point out as you are gearing up for summer parties in our park facilities.

·         It is illegal to litter in park facilities. Fine = $100

·         It is illegal use or display marijuana in parks.  Fine = $150

·         It is illegal to possess a glass container in any park. Fine = $100

·         Animals must remain on leash. Fine = $100

·         Improper disposal of animal feces. Fine = $100

·         Parks are not only open from 5:00am-11pm.  Curfew violations = A court summons.

Click here to view a complete list of Parks Rules and Regulation, including fine structures. 

Written by Ean Thomas Tafoya

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