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Losing Your Bike Is A Bummer

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7/10/2014 3:29 PM  RssIcon

Council Connection has posted several blogs over the past year highlighting the importance of bicycle infrastructure and safety to the Denver City Council.  Of course this is all a moot point if you have your bike stolen.  Good news though!  The Denver Police Department has launched an improved online reporting system called “Coplogic”, which integrates information entered by bike owners and stores the information in the department’s Record Management System.  Denver Police hope to boost bicycle recovery statistics, but the system only works if citizens take the time to register their property.

Council encourages all bicycle owners to register!   Prior to registration, you will need specific details about the bicycle, such as bike type, model, wheel size, color, etc. You will also need to include the serial number, which can typically be found under the seat, near the handlebars or the pedal crank.  See the photo below for specific details that the police are requesting.

In addition to bicycle registration, the following are some basic tips that can prevent bike thefts:

  • Use a quality lock, such as a u-lock to secure your bicycle.  Cable locks are easily cut and account for many bike thefts. 
  • Secure the bike frame and front wheel.
  • Lock your bicycle even when in it is in a secure area, such as a garage or basement.
  • Take a picture of your bicycle; so that it will be helpful for you to identify it if recovered.
  • Take note of any marks or unique characteristics of your bicycle to help identify it.
  • Include owner identification details somewhere on the bike, such as a business card or phone number pushed down inside the seat tube.

  • Written by: Ean Tafoya

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