Head Start Policy Council Vacancies

Head Start Policy Council Vacancies

City Council is seeking three qualified individuals to represent Council on the City’s Head Start Policy Council.  The appointments are two and three-year terms. 


Purpose:  The purpose of the Head Start Policy Council is to oversee all aspects of Denver’s Head Start program, to be involved in the community, promote understanding of the Head Start program, and to hear and resolve community conflicts concerning Head Start programs.


Qualifications:  Interested individuals must have experience in the following occupational categories:  fundraising for nonprofits, certified public accountant, finance and/or financial management, business, early childhood education, and experience in the operation of nonprofit organizations.


Meetings:  Currently, meetings are held the fourth Tuesday each month and generally run one hour long.  The Council meets in November annually to establish the following years’ meeting schedule, location, and time.


Application:  Please send your resume and cover letter to Debra Bartleson, Legislative Services, Denver City Council, 1437 Bannock Street, Room 451, Denver, CO, 80202 by November 18, 2011, or by email at Debra.Bartleson@denvergov.org.  For more information contact Ms. Bartleson at 720-865-9315 or by email.

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