Arbitrator Recruitment Announcement

Arbitrator Recruitment Announcement

City and County of Denver

Permanent Panel of Arbitrators

The Denver City Council is seeking three qualified individuals to serve on the Permanent Panel of Arbitrators.  The appointments are four to six-year terms. 


Purpose:  §9.8.8 of the City Charter instructs City Council to create a permanent panel of arbitrators to resolve impasses in collective bargaining between the City and the bargaining units of the Denver Police Department and Denver Sheriffs.


Qualifications:  To be eligible, interested individuals must be impartial and disinterested and must be qualified by experience and training as a neutral Hearing Officer or arbitrator in labor/management disputes.  These disputes shall be an impasse in negotiations between labor and management, disputes over the meaning or application of contracts between labor and management, or discipline.  Any person whose only experience is as a hearings officer in any civil or Career Service system shall not be qualified.  Persons who are members of the National Academy of Arbitrators or on the American Arbitration Association panel of labor arbitrators are presumptively qualified.


Application:  Please send a resume and list of cities for whom you have performed arbitrations in recent years to or fax to 720-865-9540 by June 1, 2012.  For more information contact Ms. Janna Bergquist at 720-337-2001, or

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