Denver City Council Sets Goals for 2013

Denver City Council Sets Goals for 2013

The Denver City Council has established goals and action items for the upcoming year.  In 2013, City Council will focus on five key issue areas: 1) Structural Finances & Efficiency; 2) Infrastructure & Sustainability; 3) Libraries & Parks; 4) Safety & Social Services; and 5) Economic Development.

The City Council meets annually to establish principles to inform budget decisions and to determine areas of priority.  The goals are set before the budgeting process so money in the next year's budget may be targeted to projects supported by the Council.

The goals, were discussed in a Council retreat on June 27, 2012.  They include addressing the City’s structural financial challenges; investing in neighborhood business corridors and sustainable infrastructure; increasing access to amenities like the public library; supporting families through consistent and realistic affordable housing policies and economic development strategies that attract and retain good jobs.

Council President Susman said, “These focus areas were developed by council members through thoughtful discussions and a consensus on the pressing issues and opportunities for our city and citizens.”

City Council will communicate these goals to the Mayor and his agencies so that these priorities may be considered during the Administration’s planning and budgeting for the 2013 fiscal year.

The City Council goals document can be viewed here.

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