Vacancy on the Denver Board Of Ethics

Vacancy on the Denver Board Of Ethics

The Denver City Council Needs You:

Apply to be a member of the Denver Board Of Ethics

Click Here For The Application: Deadline is 5:00 PM Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Denver City Council is currently seeking applicants for one board position.  Below is a position description and more information regarding the Board, its role, and how to apply. 

The mission of the Board of Ethics is:

To encourage and guide city officers, officials and employees to adhere to high levels of ethical conduct so that the public will have confidence that persons in positions of public responsibility are acting for the benefit of the public.

The Board of Ethics meets once monthly (currently on the third Thursday at 3:00pm in the Wellington Webb Municipal Office Building) for approximately two hours. Each Board member must be willing to dedicate himself or herself and the necessary professional time to:

·         Reviewing written case materials and other documents prior to meetings.

·         Giving official advisory opinions to city employees, elected officers and board and commission members about ethics questions and considering whether waivers should be given if a proposed action would violate the Code of Ethics but the action would be in the city’s best interest.

·         Reviewing and commenting on drafts of Board opinions.

·         Reviewing and, if necessary, conducting hearings on complaints filed by citizens or city personnel alleging violations of the Code of Ethics.

·         Giving guidance to the Board of Ethics staff director on policy issues and ethics training issues.

 Interested applicants may send the application, a resume and cover letter via email to Shelley Smith at; or via mail to Shelley Smith, Denver City Council, 1437 Bannock Street Room 451, Denver, Colorado 80202 by 5:00 PM Tuesday, March 5, 2013.  Shelley can also be reached at 720-337-2004.

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