Check Your Application Status

  • I've applied for the written test, and I want to verify my appointment
    1. Return to the application page
    2. Entry your Social Security Number, and "Walk in" (this will not change your application date), then press "Start Application"
    3. Your confirmation will be displayed including your test date, or walk-in status.
    Check Police Application
    Check Fire Application

  • I have completed my written test. Where am I in the process? Who do I contact?
    1. The Check Status On-Line feature is for anyone who has completed a written test within the last 5 years, did not show for a test, or was disqualified on line.
    2. Information about each of your tests will be listed.
    3. For each test you have taken, there is a link to a page of information outlining your current status for that test, when you are eligible to re-apply, and contact information concerning that specific test.
    Check Status On-Line