Cecilia Mascarenas,
As a Mayoral appointee, Cecilia Mascarenas was first appointed to the Commission in February 2002.  Commissioner Mascarenas holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Goshen College in Indiana and an Associate of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Hesston College in Kansas.  She enjoyed a 30-year career as a Probation Officer and Probation Administrator for the Denver Juvenile Court.  She is a former Governor appointee to the Colorado Board of Parole and a former Mayoral appointee to the Public Safety Review Commission.  She served on the District Attorney’s Victims Compensation Board and now serves on the D.A.’s Justice Council. She serves on the Board of Directors of Friends of the Haven and the Denver Medical Center Emergency Medical Services Council.  She served as a member of the Dept. of Public Safety’s Community Policing Institute, Governor’s Community Corrections Council, Governor’s Justice Assistance Grant Board, Mayor’s Public Safety Infrastructure Taskforce Committee, and Interim Deputy Manager of the Family and Children’s Division at the Denver Dept. of Human Services.  She has served on community boards: Urban Peak, Partners, and Peer Assistance.  Her term expires 12/31/2014.