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Out-of-State Applicants Brochure
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Application  Information:
Application are accepted through the Commission’s website . Click Here

Written Test:
The written test is administered via computer at the Civil Service Commission’s Office. 
Video Test:
 A video test is administered to police applicants upon successful completion of the written test. Fire applicants do not take videotest. This test may take up to 5 hours to complete. Please plan your schedule accordingly. The results are immediate.  You will receive your scores when you leave. Afterwards, the Commission will notify you  if your score is high enough to be invited on for further processing.

Required Number of Trips to Denver
This will depend on the Testing Calendar and academy start dates; applicants should plan on making 3-4 trips to Denver to complete the testing/screening. For more information
  • First trip:  Test Phases 1 thorough-3
  • Second trip: Test Phases 5 through 9, and will be 3 to 5 days
  • Third trip: Test Phase 11, and will be approximately one day
  • Fourth trip: Medical Evaluation and Fingerprinting, and will be approximately  3 days
How can you prepare:
It can take from six months to a year to complete all the testing/screening  phases. As a result you can begin to prepare by: 
  • Pre-schedule a ride along or tour with a District Station.
  • Go for a ride a long where you live. 
  • Review the Denver Department of Safety Recruitment website for study material. 
  • Study for the written test
  • Begin to mak physical fitness a way of life. 
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