• Document Recording

    All documents recorded are indexed and imaged digitally. Original documents are returned to the owner. Digital images are uploaded nightly, and are available for searching online.

    Online document recording is encouraged for use by individuals / companies who record multiple documents on a continuing basis. Recording Standards & Procedures provide direction for recording of single documents.

    The City and County encourages you to e-record your document rather than submitting it in paper. The convenience, speed and security of online recording can more than offset the time and cost of paper submittals. 

    e-Recording your document takes minutes. The process of submitting by paper, particularly if you are mailing it in, can take a week to 10 days to complete.

    The City and County of Denver currently contracts with three online e-recording submitters: CSC (formerly Ingeo), E-Secure File, and Simplifile. Contact one of them to set up an e-recording account.

      Cost  Contact Info 
    CSC (Corporation Service Company)  Contact CSC for pricing, using contact info to right. www.eRecording.com
    855-200-1150 (toll-free)
    eSecureFile (a Property Info company) Standard fee is $3.50 per document. However, a special pricing structure has been established for new customers filing documents with Denver County:
    2014: $2.50 per document
    2015: $3.00 per document
    2016: $3.50 per document
    To qualify, you must say that you were referred by Denver County or that you saw this offer on Denver's website!
    888-608-1808 (toll-free)
    Simplifile Contact Simplifile for pricing, using contact info to right. www.Simplifile.com
    800-460-5657 (toll-free) 

    1. Mail your document with check or money order payable to Manager of Finance, mailed to Clerk & Recorder Recording Dept., 201 W. Colfax, Dept. 101, Denver, CO 80202, or

    2. Bring your document into the Clerk and Recorder's office in person. You may pay with cash, check, money order or credit card.

    Preparation of Documents

    • Margin requirements for recording a document are: one inch margin on the top of the page and one-half inch on each side margin. The margin requirements are dictated by C.R.S. 30-10-406(3)(a).
    • To file a lien, you must obtain the proper blank form, fill it out, and then have it notarized prior to bringing it to the Office of the Clerk and Recorder.
    • Clerk and Recorder staff cannot assist in filling out of forms, as this is considered legal advice. Please consult your own attorney.

    The Clerk and Recorder office does not supply most blank forms. Deed release forms can be found on the Public Trustee Forms page

    Other standard business forms can be obtained from the Denver Public Library or an office supply store.

    Please Note While the Recording Department will record any document presented by a customer, customers should understand that simply recording a document does not confer legality or authenticity on the document.

    Clerk & Recorder Adoption of Fees

    Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson has adopted a uniform set of fees for services. These fees were adopted effective September 17, 2013, following notification, a comment period and a public hearing that was conducted on July 9, 2013. The final list of fees may be viewed here. The notices and fee schedule may also be viewed in the Office of the Clerk and Recorder. The fee schedule will be reviewed annually at the end of each calendar year.