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Feb 27, 2013 (1225 reads)
Parkhill Storm PH IV-A /51st and St. Paul Sanitary is the first portion of the Parkhill Storm PH IV.  The project is a Storm and Sanitary open cut project that includes 2,356 LF of 84” diameter storm sewer and 2,124 LF of Sanitary (27” to 24”).  There is approximately 143 LF of 84” storm that is to be jacked and bored under BNSF railroad and a similar amount of sanitary main to be jacked at this location as well.  The storm and sanitary portion of this project starts at Colorado Blvd. and 48th Avenue and goes east on 48 Avenue to N. Dahlia Street then turns the corner and ends on the south side of the intersection of 48th Avenue and Dahlia Street.  
Feb 26, 2013 (1487 reads)
The City and County of Denver is seeking an engineering team that will develop timing plans for traffic signal retiming in order to optimize travel time for vehicles while updating timing for slower pedestrian crossing speeds and updated vehicular clearances.  This project is for signal retiming of 225 traffic signals over two years, 2013 and 2014.  Areas included are South of Downtown (bounded by 12th Ave, Lincoln St, I-25, Kalamath St), East of Downtown (bounded by Park Ave West, 18th Ave, Gaylord St, 13th Ave, Downing St, 6th Ave, Grant St), and includes the following corridors: Evans Ave, 1st Ave/University (Cherry Creek Area), Hampden Ave.
Feb 19, 2013 (1334 reads)

Thirty-six acre urban park irrigation renovation construction project. Existing irrigation system will be replaced with non-potable, automatic control irrigation system. Items of work include; water tap improvements, service line extensions, booster pump, 12"-6" diameter distribution loop, rotor and spray irrigation system replacement, and install storm water best management practices,

TREX Finalization Boston/Nassau  Feb 19, 2013 (1239 reads)
High Street Outfall Phase 1   Feb 11, 2013 (1833 reads)

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Q:  How do I obtain plans, specifications and bid documents for an advertised construction project?
A:  Visit main page. Click on the project you are interested in, scroll to and click on the “Digital Download” link which will direct you to the QuestCDN website to view the plans and specifications at no charge.  A fee of $25 is required to download the bid documents, plans and specifications.

  How can I find current Prevailing Wages?
A:  Visit the Prevailing Wage page for details

Q:  I am interested in submitting a bid on a project that has a W/WBE, SBE or DBE goal assigned to it.  Where can I find certified firms?
A:  Certified Firms 

Q: I am interested in bidding a project that lists a Prequalification Requirement.  Where can I find information relating to these requirements?
A:  Prequalification Requirements

Are pre-bid meetings mandatory?
A:  It can vary from project to project; refer to the Advertisement for Pre-Bid specifics.

  Where can I find a list of prime contractors or consultants that may be bidding or proposing on a project?
A:  All Public Works projects are advertised on, the “Digital Download” link in the advertisement will take you to QuestCDN where you can view the list of plan holders who have registered with their contact information.

Q: If I am unable to attend a bid opening where can I obtain information regarding bids that were submitted?
A: Bid summaries are generally posted within two (2) business days of the advertised bid opening

When will a bid tabulation be available for a previously bid project?
A:  Bid tabulations are posted once the City has received a signed contract from the apparent low bidder. Bid tabulations are not posted if it was a lump sum bid.  For those, refer to the Bid Summary.

Q: The City advertised a RFP/RFQ, how can I find out which firm was selected?
A: View our Previously Awarded RFP/RFP page for a full listing.