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Current Bidding Opportunities

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Dec 27, 2012 (1251 reads)
Citywide concrete repair to curb and gutter, concrete streets, alleys and crosspans including ADA curb ramps and 311 citizen complaints.  
Dec 12, 2012 (2303 reads)
Construct interior improvements associated with tenant improvements for two suites and the common areas including low- voltage cabling, replacement for RTU's and main ductwork, insulating perimeter walls and rafters and other energy-saving upgrades, adding new fire detection and suppression systems and other life-safety upgrades, electrical upgrades, and new hardware and interior signage and other ADA improvements.  This work is a second phase of construction, the now  completed first phase of construction focused on general demolition of floor finishes, some doorways, ceiling tiles and grid, some light fixtures and replacement of the exterior windows.
Dec 10, 2012 (3498 reads)

/The City is seeking bids for a new single story fire station including site work, road extension, traffic signal, communications tower, and ROW improvements. Structure includes three apparatus bays, hose tower, sloped roof, and living quarters.

***NEW POSTPONEMENT OF BID OPENING AS OF 1/29/2013 - See full ad for new date and details*** 

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