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Current Bidding Opportunities

Nov 24, 2014 (303 reads)

Construct new storm sewer in Asbury Avenue, tying into existing storm sewer at S. Logan Street, upstream to S. Clarkson Street. Concrete flatwork such as, curb, gutter and sidewalk, and asphalt removal and replacement will also be part of this project

Nov 24, 2014 (416 reads)
The City and County of Denver Parks and Recreation Department is seeking firms to provide professional landscape architectural, architectural, engineering, and related technical services as required for conceptual design, design development and construction drawings and specifications on an on-call as-needed basis for various City park projects.
Nov 12, 2014 (280 reads)


Replace existing overhead sign bridge structures and traffic signs at various locations throughout the City and County of Denver. New sign bridge structures and traffic signs shall be per the current City and County of Denver standards.  Design and install   enhanced signage and structure at the following locations (1) Northbound Speer Blvd south of 32nd Ave; (2) Southbound Speer Blvd north of Auraria Pkwy; (3) Quebec St. north of 36th Ave; (4) 6th Ave west of Kalamath St; (5) 6th Ave at Kalamath St; (6) Westbound Alameda Ave west of Irving; (7) Colfax Ave & Park Ave; and (8)( Hale Pkwy and 8th Ave.

SBE On-Call Construction Services  Oct 28, 2014 (467 reads)
Architectural and Engineering Professional Services for Levitt Pavilion at Ruby Hill Park  Sep 12, 2014 (806 reads)

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