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Mar 11, 2014 (1206 reads)
General Statement of Work:

 The City and County of Denver is seeking comprehensive professional design services from Schematic Design through Construction Administration for the Central Denver Recreation Center. The building shall be approximately 60,000 square feet, and shall contain a natatorium, fitness area, gymnasium, community spaces and classroom spaces.

Mar 10, 2014 (562 reads)
2014 Citywide concrete repair to curb and gutter, concrete streets, alleys and crosspans including ADA curb ramps and  311 citizen complaints.  Potential work locations coincide with the 2014 Street Maintenance Paving Program that may be referenced in the Appendices at the end of this Contract.  The City may award more than one contract to more than one General Contractor.
Mar 05, 2014 (672 reads)
Capeseal and crackseal in various locations throughout Denver.  Approximately 52  lane miles  (350,000 SY) of residential neighborhood streets to be treated with capeseal treatment.  High volume arterial and collectors to be cracksealed.  Work to be completed May through October 2014.  
2014 Citywide Concrete Repair Phase I  Mar 03, 2014 (743 reads)

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