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Certificate Renewals

All certificate types must be renewed every three years.

If the secure and verifiable form of identification on file with our office has expired, the Colorado Revised Statutes require individuals applying for or renewing certificates to provide a current secure and verifiable form of identification. A list of acceptable forms of identification can be found on the Affidavit of Lawful Presence.

Certificate Renewal Form (PDF) 

Expiration dates appear on each certificate.

Certificate Fees

  • Supervisor - $60
  • Journeyman - $40
  • Operator and Engineer - $40

Payment Methods

We accept:

      Cash, checks (make checks payable to “Manager of Finance”)
      Visa, MasterCard and Discover

Fees and renewal documentation may be mailed to:
(Note: certificates cannot be renewed online, over the telephone or via fax.)
   Community Planning and Development  
    Contractor Licensing
   201 W. Colfax Ave. Dept 205

   Denver, CO  80202


   Pay in person  at the Contractor Licensing counter,  located on the 2nd floor of the Wellington Webb Municipal Building at 201 W. Colfax Ave .