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License Renewals

All Contractor licenses must be renewed every three years.

Right of Way licenses must be renewed annually. 

Electrical licenses must be renewed every three years (within 30 days of expiration of the State Electrical Contractor card).  There is no cost for electrical license renewal. A current State Electrical Contractor card is required.

Plumbing licenses must be renewed every two years (within 30 days of expiration of the State Plumbing Contractor card). A current state Plumbing Contractor card is required. 

Dumpster licenses must be renewed every three years. 

License Renewal Form (PDF) 

Expiration dates appear on each Contractor License or can be verified on the city's Contractor License Search.

Contractor Licenses and Fees

Required Documents

A Sole Proprietorship:

If the secure and verifiable form of Identification on file with our office has expired, Colorado Revised Statute requires individuals applying for or renewing a license as a Sole Proprietor to provide a current secure and verifiable form of identification.

An individual using a Trade Name:

A current copy of the Trade Name Registration dated within the past year is required.

Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Partnerships:
A current copy of the periodic report dated within the past year is required.
These Colorado state documents can be downloaded from the state website:
The following license types also require:

A Fire Protection Class A or B license: 
A copy of the State Fire Suppression Certificate.

Right of Way Licenses and Sewer License: 
A current Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the City and  County of Denver as Additional Insured.

Important information

License renewals will only be approved one month prior to expiration and no more than one year after expiration of the License.

When submitting a renewal:

Check or money order should be made payable to “Manager of Finance” and include the Contractor, Right of Way or Sewer License number being renewed.

For payments by check the checking account must be in the exact name listed on the Contractor license.  Renewals received with payment by another company or individual will be returned to be processed as a “Change of Name/Entity”.

License cards can be mailed or released only to owners or officers of a company. A third party will require written authorization with an owner/officer signature and date in order to have the license card released to them.

Address, phone number and email address changes must be submitted in writing with an owner/officer signature and date. It is a mandatory requirement to have current address and telephone contact information on file with the department at all times.

If expired more than one year the license holder must apply to be reinstated, completing a new license application and submitting supporting documents as required for a new license.

Certificate holders must appear in person for a license reinstatement and complete a Supervisor Statement Affidavit.

Payment Methods

We accept:

      Cash, Checks (make checks payable to “Manager of Finance”),

      Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card

Fees and renewal documentation may be mailed to:
   Community Planning and Development

   Contractor Licensing

   201 W. Colfax Ave. Dept 205

   Denver , CO   80202

 Can be paid at the Contractor Licensing Counter 

 located on the 2nd floor of the Wellington Webb Municipal Building .
Note: At this time licenses cannot be renewed online or over the telephone.