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Denver's Neighborhood Planning Initiative is a new long-term commitment to ensure every corner of the city can enjoy the benefits of an area plan. Over the next 10 to 14 years, residents, neighborhood groups, and community leaders will work alongside the city's neighborhood planning team to create a vision and plan for their specific area.

Click on the map below to download a PDF of our planning areas . . .

Image link to map of Neighborhood Planning Initiative proposed planning areas


What's New

Tell us what you think! Two NPI plans currently in progress, East and East Central, have surveys out to get feedback from the community on its vision for the areas. Visit the plan pages, linked under "In Progress" below, to learn about these areas and take the surveys. 

In Progress

Phase I planning has begun. Visit the plan pages, linked below, for more information about the planning areas and to stay up-to-date on the planning process.

Get Involved

Click below to sign up for email the quarterly Neighborhood Planning Initiative newsletter and/or for area-specific plan updates.

Who We Are

  • Click here, to learn about staff working on the Neighborhood Planning Initiative.

Neighborhood Planning Initiative Strategic Plan

Download the full document (PDF) or follow the links below to read more about how neighborhood planning will be implemented. 

Image link to Why and How section


Image link to Planning areas section


Image link to Planning Process section