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This working group will focus on successful strategies for spreading economic recovery to all neighborhoods in Denver through workforce development, hiring goals, and job training programs specifically geared toward middle skill jobs and low-income individuals aged 18-65.

2017 Goals and Action Plan: (Full plan)

  1. Provide leadership in establishing strong relationships with employers seeking to hire Denver residents especially in low income areas where larger construction projects are planned, including transparency of project reporting around hiring goals and tracking of those goals quarterly.
  2. Collaborate with the Office of Economic Development to provide outreach resources to job seekers that are transparent, accessible, and understandable to job seekers.
  3. Analyze through stakeholder engagement with city agencies and other partners’ different strategies to encourage increased Denver resident participation in construction career pipelines for contracts generated by the City and County of Denver. 
  4. Identify in partnership with OED staff the current gaps in workforce development and capacity to strategically connect both adults and youth to training and employment.
  5. Collaborate with the Denver Workforce Development Board (DWDB) to identify strategies for building city council/DWDB relationships to inform each’s decision on workforce issues.

Meeting information

August 2017

San Francisco Local Hiring Policy Annual Report
Agenda 8-21-17

June 2017

Council Update
Agenda 6-19-17

May 2017 

Meeting Summary 5-15-17
Agenda 5-15-17
E&W update_Workforce working group 51517

April 2017

Meeting summary 4-17-17
Economic & Workforce Working Group Agenda 4-17-17
San Francisco Denver Presentation Final.pptx
San Francisco Denver Presentation Final.pdf
Ken Nim Bio 2017
CityBuild brochure
CityBuild Flyer Q4 PY 16-17
MOH Section 3 Fact Sheet
OCII Fact Sheet
Private First Source Fact Sheet
San Francisco Chapter 82 leg final with All Signatures
San Francisco Chapter 83 First Source Amendment Final

March 2017

Meeting Summary 3-20-17
DPS Presentation - 3-20-17
Community College of Denver Presentation - 3-20-17
2017 Denver Workforce Development Board Meeting Schedule

February 2017

2-21-17 Meeting Agenda
Community Job Readiness and Workforce Nees Assessment
Denver Public Schools Annual Report 2015-2016
City Attorney Summary of Local vs Targeted Hiring 2-21-17 
Piton Foundation - Changing Denver Region Series
Workforce Development Sessions Feb. 2017
Where Can Workers Afford Homeownership?
Bridging the Gaps - I70 Project Update 2-21-17
Meeting Summary 2-21-17

January 2017

1-17-17 Meeting Summary 
I-70 Update 1-17-17

December 2016

2016 Year-end report
Meeting Summary - 12-19-16
Agenda 12-19-16

November 2016

Meeting Summary - 11-21-16
Agenda 11-21-16

October 2016

Meeting Summary - 10-17-16
Agenda 10-17-16
Local Hire Ordinances 
OED Policy Series 2016
SanFrancisco CityBuild Flyer
Work Group Deliverables as of 10-11-16

September 2016 

Meeting canceled. 

August 2016

Meeting Summary 8-15-16

June 2016

Meeting canceled.

July 2016

Meeting Summary - 7-27-16

May 2016

Meeting Summary - 5-16-16

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Stacie Gilmore (Chair)
Albus Brooks
Deborah "Debbie" Ortega
Mary Beth Susman
Robin Kniech

Staff Contact:
Debra Bartleson

Reports to: 
Business, Arts, Workforce, and Aeronautical Services Committee