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photo of affordable housing complex

Affordable Housing and Mixed Income Communities

It’s an exciting time for Denver – our great neighborhoods and amenities are attracting job growth and fueling a strong economy.  But this success is driving up demand and prices for housing. Denver's vulnerable families and seniors are struggling more than ever, and so are Denver's workforce and moderate-income families. No city can build its way out of a housing crisis. But Denver's crisis will only get better if we invest in creating more affordable housing and mixed-income communities.



photo of an older section of neighborhood

Fighting Displacement 

All cities, including Denver, are dynamic and always changing. When the pace of growth outstrips the pace of infrastructure, like transportation, open space, and the supply of affordable housing, change is experienced as a threat to resident quality of life. All communities across Denver share concern about skyrocketing housing prices and individual displacement. But there are additional, unique challenges and responsibilities when an area with many families of color and unique cultural infrastructure experiences large-scale displacement. This change is known as gentrification, and it doesn’t only impact individuals. It tears the fabric of close-knit communities and threatens the diversity and rich tapestry of neighborhoods that we all value.


photo of young African American man speaking

Inclusive City 

As our nation struggles to embrace inclusion in the face of disparaging rhetoric and hate crimes, Denverites have peacefully taken to the streets to defend communities under attack, including immigrants, refugees, women, Muslims and other groups. The City as a whole and our Council office have been vocal about celebrating the contributions diverse communities make to the fabric of Denver, and denouncing threats and intimidation. We are committed to fighting hate and intolerance and promoting equity, both locally and in solidarity with other cities nationally.




Photo of farmers market stand

Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Denver has adopted bold goals for reducing our impact on the environment. To achieve these goals, the City must work together with our residents and businesses through new policies and habits. A few of our biggest opportunities to reinforce our status as environmental leaders include: improving the energy efficiency of our building stock, diverting more solid waste away from the landfill through composting and recycling, and expanding use of alternative, renewable energy.   




Photo of downtown Denver light rail station

Transportation & Mobility

As Denver and our greater Metro region continue to grow, it is more important than ever to invest in transportation infrastructure and choices that help individuals get around and live a good quality of life.  Safer routes for bikes and pedestrians, smarter use of our roadways, and expanded transit opportunities are all important priorities for Denver.






Photo of metal worker

Construction Career Pathways 

While Denver and Colorado are experiencing a construction boom, the industry faces a shortage of workers, due in part to an aging workforce. Construction trades pay a median income of $45,000 and can be a stepping stone to business ownership, construction management or related professions like engineering. Denver has communities still suffering from lack of access to good-paying jobs. Connecting residents to construction careers is an opportunity to build a new generation of employees for the industry, train and support workers to overcome barriers, and forge greater economic stability for workers’ families – all while building our great city.