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Affordable Housing & Homelessness

100,000 more people live in Denver today than did a decade ago, and many more are anticipated over the next decade. Our city's population has spiked, and the housing stock simply cannot keep pace with community needs. While home prices have risen dramatically here, this boom also increasingly makes rentals and for-sale housing unaffordable for too many, including seniors and families. 

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Hand-drawn rendering of a mixed-use development plan for the downtown Denver area.


Denver’s economic position is the strongest that it has ever been. The economy is booming and unemployment is low. It is a business-friendly place, attracting both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Housing is one of our biggest challenges. There is not enough of it, so rents and home prices are high. Colorado is 55,000 housing units short of meeting our housing demand. To meet the demand, there are new apartment buildings going up throughout Denver. 

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A light rail train stops at a downtown station to allow passengers to exit and enter.

Transportation & Mobility

The City and County of Denver is committed to building and maintaining infrastructure to support the evolving needs of residents, businesses and visitors. However you choose to get around, we want to help you get there safely and on time. Projects to improve mobility for vehicles, transit, pedestrians, cyclists, and those with disabilities are a high priority for Denver’s Department of Public Works, working with city and regional partners to ensure our communities have access to everything Denver has to offer.

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