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Denver Decides and Denver 8 TV are committed to bringing voters information about the Denver election process and the candidates with community events, candidate presentations and video access through this website and on TV.

A Community Partnership for Accessible, Transparent Elections

All video programs are also available
Only on Denver 8 TV.

For the current Schedule on TV visit www.Denver8.TV



2016 General Election Information



Do you have questions about how to register to vote? Check out this video. Denver Elections Division makes it super easy for all of us to register! Remeber, every vote counts!


Denver Decides has you covered with the election information you need to make informed decisions on your ballot!


Do you have questions about why you should even bother voting? This video will hopefully assuage some of your hesitancy. It is important for EVERYONE to cast their vote!


Where can you vote in Denver? Anywhere!



Voter Information from Denver Elections Division

women reading voter information documents

Watch this video to learn about how our voting process works for this 2016 November General Election. 

En Español  próximamente aquí Descripción completa de registro actualizado, las urnas y los procesos de votación del Denver Elecciones División. Puede ver el programa en español.



Next Election: Nov. 8, 2016


For complete voting information, including district maps, sample ballots and more, see Denver Elections Division website.


Election Programs on TV

All video programs are also available - Only on Denver 8 TV.

For the current program schedule visit www.Denver8.TV

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