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United States Congress District 1

Diana DeGette (D) v

Charles "Casper" Stockham (R) v

Darrell Dinges (Lib)**

Picture of Diana DeGette and Charles "Casper" Stockham engaged in debate

**Chose Not to Participate



State House District 2

Paul A. Linton (R) v Alec Garnett (D)

Picture of Paul A. Linton and Alec Garnett engaged in debate



State House District 8

Leslie Herod (D) v Evan Vanderpool (R)

Picture of Leslie Herod and Evan Vanderpool engaged in debate



State Senate District 31

Bob Lane (R) v Lois Court (D)

Picture of Bob Lane and Lois Court engaged in debate



State Senate District 33

Raymon Doane (R) v Angela Williams (D)

Picture of Raymon Doane and Angela Williams engaged in debate



Denver District Attorney

U.S. 2nd Judicial District

Beth McCann (D) v Helen Morgan (U)

Picture of Beth McCann and Helen Morgan engaged in debate




Ballot Issue: Amendment 69


Picture of individuals debating Amendment 69



Ballot Issue: Amendment 70

Raising the Minimum Wage

Picture of individuals debating Amendment 70



Ballot Issue: Amendment 71

Amending the State Constitution

Picture of Individuals Debating Amendment 71



Ballot Issue: Initiated Ordinance 300

Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program

Picture of Individuals Debating Initiated Ordinance 300

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