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Helen Morgan - Denver District Attorney


Candidate Statement

Helen Morgan is running for District Attorney because the people of Denver deserve a seasoned prosecutor with a track record of making needed changes in the criminal justice system. As Denver's next chief law enforcement officer, Helen will use her 22 years of experience to engage community, increase public safety and introduce transparency into the District Attorney's Office.

Current Occupation

Chief Deputy District Attorney


B.A. in Political Science and Spanish from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Mn. 1986.

J.D. from the University of Minnesota. 1981.




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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Helen Morgan, independent candidate for Denver District Attorney.

I have been a prosecutor in the Denver District Attorney’s Office for 22 years personally handling over 9,000 cases, including homicides, sexual assaults, and child abuse cases. I have extensive management experience, and currently run our County Court Division, where I supervise 13 lawyers and a staff of 35.

Over my career I have used my experience and innovative techniques to hold violent offenders accountable, such as when I spent 5 years prosecuting 32 members of a white supremacist prison gang. No prosecutor in the state had done that before, and no one has done it since.

In 2007 I collaborated with treatment providers, probation, and defense counsel to re-formulate Denver’s Drug Court. I know that incarceration does not lead to rehabilitation, that treatment works, and that a public health approach to addiction and mental health issues keeps us all safer.

I served as a community prosecutor in Globeville and Capitol Hill, so I recognize that engagement with the community is the only way to increase public trust and confidence in the decisions we make.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Police Protective Association, having earned the respect of the officers I have worked with over the years. However, I also know that my office must work in a more transparent way when determining whether to criminally charge an officer. The time has come to establish an independent review panel to concurrently review the facts in fatal police shootings. There is no room for bias, unconscious or otherwise, when a life is lost.

I’m running as an independent candidate because in my 2 decades as a prosecutor it has never once occurred to me to ask the political affiliation of anyone I work with. Being District Attorney is about making decisions based on facts, not politics. As the candidate with experience in the courthouse, not the statehouse, I look forward to your support.