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Denver 2017 GO Bond

Periodically, the City and County of Denver authorizes General Obligation (GO) Bonds to restore, replace, and expand infrastructure and capital assets across the city. Denver plans to present the next general obligation bond (GO Bond) authorization to voters in November 2017, based on Elevate 2020, the 2015-2020 Six Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP identifies Denver’s major city asset rehabilitation needs and new investment opportunities in capital infrastructure. Projects that the GO Bond can pay for must be city-owned and operated assets.

The stakeholder committee process has now concluded. You can find the list of projects they are recommending to the Mayor and City Council here. For full details of the stakeholder meetings, including committee members, meeting agendas, minutes and materials, click here.

Public Input

The city received over 3,000 public comments during the public input phase in November and December of 2016. The list of recommendations from the 2017 GO bond Executive Committee to the Mayor and City Council can now be found here. The original list of project ideas the five subcommittees started with in March, which includes ideas from the public, City Council, city agencies and the existing Six-Year CIP Plan (Elevate 2020) can be found here.

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2017 GO Bond Timeline

Six community meetings co-hosted with Denver City Council members.

Task Forces tapped to examine and prioritize short- and long-term capital facilities and infrastructure needs of the city and make project recommendations.

The recommended investments are presented to the public and additional engagement efforts are launched.

Proposed investment packages submitted to Denver City Council for referral to the November 2017 ballot.

2007 Better Denver Bond Success Stories

The last GO bond was the Better Denver Bond Program in 2007, which provided funding for more than 380 projects related to health and human services, public safety and culture. Read more about the 2007 GO Bond »

2007 Bond funds were used to construct 27 new public facilities, including three new branch libraries, one new fire station, two new recreation centers, and a new police crime lab, totaling approximately 560,000 square feet.

The 2007 Bond funded the renovation and improvement of over 90 public facilities, including existing branch libraries, recreation centers and cultural facilities.

The city created an estimated 5,000+ jobs over the life of the program

The city used 2007 Bond funds to construct and renovate approximately 472,000 square feet of LEED-certified public space.

Due to project savings and re-appropriation of certain project funds, the city was able to add nearly 100 projects to re-deployment.