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City Budget


Mayor's Proposed 2017 Budget

The budget document provides detailed information about the City and County of Denver's estimated revenues and expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year. It also serves as a work plan for the city and its departments, including a framework for setting priorities, strategic initiatives and performance measures. You can download the document in its entirety below, or download individual sections using the drop down menu.

Mayor's 2016 Budget    (Download PDF | File size: 14,238 KB)

The various sections of the Mayor's 2015 Budget can be viewed separately using the following downloadable PDF links:


Budget in Brief

Beginning in 2014, the Budget in Brief replaced the Citizen's Budget. The Budget in Brief provides a high-level overview of the annual budget and highlights significant changes and accomplishments citywide.

2016 Budget in Brief (Download PDF | File size: 2.71 MB)


Previous Budget in Briefs by Year

Previous Citizen's Budgets by Year

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2015 Ballot Measure 2A Overview

2015 Ballot Measure 2A Overview - The Annual report that reviews the 2015 programmatic investments that leverage 2A funds.

2015 Ballot Measure 2A Overview


Use our online app to learn about Denver's revenue, investments, budget, and expenditures.

Previous City Budgets by Year

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