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The Grant Resources Center is the City’s central support site to help City agencies and departments navigate the grant process from beginning to end.  Each step in the grant process is highlighted below offering guidance in a question and answer format. 

Fiscal Rule 9.1 - Grant Applications and Awards ensures that every grant application submitted by City agencies/departments for federal, state, local government, or private grant funding is consistent with and adheres to City priorities, and to ensure that all grant funding, whether competitive or formula is recorded in the City's financial system of record.

In addition, the Grant Resource and Management Team is available to help.  The Team consists of individuals who are knowledgeable about the grant process.  If you have any grant questions send the Grant Resource and Management Team an email and one of the team members will respond.

1. How Do I Find Grant Opportunities: Tips and Resources for City Agencies

Grants can be invaluable to agencies/departments trying to fund new or existing programs. The City has a number of resources available to help you identify grant opportunities. Resources to assist you are listed below.

The City and County of Denver contracts with JVA Consulting to assist with grant identification and grant writing efforts. 

Download the Grant Writing document that explains how to access the services that JVA Consulting offers.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed to receive email notifications of new federal grant postings and opportunities.

The Foundation Center maintains an online comprehensive collection of information on U.S. grant makers and their grants and can help you identify funders that may be interested in funding your program. 

However, you can only access the Foundation Center, and search the website at the Denver Public Library - Central Library.  Download the Accessing the Foundation Directory document for detailed instructions on how to access the Foundation Center site at the Denver Public Library - Central Library.

To learn more about the Foundation Center before heading to the Denver Public Library - Central Library take an online tour.

The Denver Public Library maintains several databases and resources to assist you in your search for funders and foundations.  Through the library you can access the Colorado Grants Guide Online and find tips for writing grants and finding local resources.  Navigate to the Denver Public Library and explore!

The  Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) site contains a database of all federal funding programs.  The catalog classifies grants based on the assistance provided and each program is assigned a unique ID, for example 93.015 is the CFDA number for HIV Prevention for Women.