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3. Award Process

The Award Process begins once a grant has been awarded to the city. Upon notification, there are a number of activities that departments and agencies must engage in to ensure their grant is set-up properly. The following information will help guide you through the Award Process.

Upon notification that a grant has been awarded:

  • notify the Budget Analyst for your department or agency; and
  • initiate the contract process in Alfresco - the city's contract automation system that tracks and delivers work documents to the various city departments and agencies that have responsibilities in the contract process.


Download the Tips and Guidelines for Grants and Data-entry into Alfresco: A Quick Reference Guide

To request technology and/or a technology project you must submit a technology proposal to the Information Technology Investment Council (ITIC).

Download the Technology Project Proposal Instructions.

When a grant supports a collaboration between more than one city agency/department a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) should be created and agreed upon.

Download an MOU example.

On occasion, a Letter of Intent to fund a grant will precede an Award Letter.  When a grant program must start before an Award Letter is received, there is a possibility that the agency/department may receive partial budget appropriation based upon a Letter of Intent. There are several conditions that should be met in order to allow for appropriation based upon a Letter of Intent.  Please contact the  Grant Resource and Management Team for direction.

A grant requires an ordinance if the grant is:

  • a new grant award $500,000 or more;
  • an amendment to a current grant contract that adds funding resulting in the contract exceeding the $500,000 threshold, for the first time
  • a grant that requires a cash match that has not previously been approved or appropriated by Council (for this purpose)—this includes cash matches funded by SRFs; and/or
  • a new grant award from the same grantor for the same program as in the previous year, IF the dollar award for two consecutive years, combined, exceeds $500,000.


Download to the Tips on Alfresco and When a Grant needs an Ordinance for more guidance on whether a grant award requires an ordinance. 

Make sure that you keep in mind that cash match only requires an ordinance if it meets the criteria in the document and that you notify the Grant  Resource and Management Team when a grant has a cash match.

The city’s ordinance process takes approximately six weeks. The process is outlined below.

  • Department or agency submits the Ordinance Request Form. 
  • Determination is made by City Council to go consent or to Council Committee.  After Council Committee it is on Mayor/Council meeting the next Tuesday meeting. 
  • If the ordinance passes Mayor/Council, the Budget and Management Office drafts the ordinance for filing the Thursday of the same week. 
  • First reading at City Council is the next Monday. 
  • Second reading is the Monday after. 
  • The Budget and Management Office completes “Council Ordinance Coordination” task in Alfresco and budget set-up once the ordinance number is assigned and the published copy of the ordinance is posted on the Clerk and Recorder’s website.  This may be a two- to three- week process after second reading.

When the Alfresco contract process is assigned to the Budget and Management Office for the grant set-up, the chartfield is prepared and distributed, and the information is set up in Workday to allow the grant to be expended. 

Once this is completed, the department or agency may issue their Expenditure Budget Plan which must include the contract number, ordinance number, and all required information for budget setup.

If the grant cash match funds are appropriated, no further action is required.  If the grant cash match funds are not appropriated then the department or agency will need to go through the ordinance process to have funds appropriated.

Yes.  If you have received notification that a grant award was rejected or withdrawn you need to notify your Budget Analyst as soon as possible.