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Public Works Permits – General and Public Right of Way

Last updated: JANUARY 2018

Links open PDF files detailing Entrance Requirements for permit issuance.

Read each document carefully — required documents may include additional permit application forms, Street Occupancy permits, license information and/or billing registration or authorization. Links to supporting documentation and additional information have been provided for certain permits. 

Reference Title Additional Documentation Last Modified
PWPT-101.0 Banner   10/15/2008
PWPT-102.1 Bicycle Parking Supporting Documentation 5/28/2015
PWPT-103.0 Block Parties on Residential Streets Supporting Documentation 7/11/2013
PWPT-104.1 Dumpsters, Roll-offs and other Containers Supporting Documentation 7/22/2016
PWPT-105.0 Encroachments Supporting Documentation 12/15/2014
PWPT-106.0 Filming Occupancy Supporting Documentation 10/27/2004
PWPT-107.0 Forestry Supporting Documentation 10/28/2008
PWPT-108.0 Guide Signs   10/28/2008
PWPT-109.0 News and Drop Box   10/29/2008
PWPT-110.0 Public Utilities Commission Application   10/16/2008
PWPT-111.1 Push Cart, Flower Bucket and Other Vending Supporting Documentation 1/1/2015
PWPT-112.0 Special Moving Oversize and Overweight Supporting Documentation 10/28/2008
PWPT-113.0 Street Furniture and Tables, Chairs and Railings Supporting Documentation 12/28/2008
PWPT-114.0 ROW Street Cut Street Occupancy (PDF)
ROW Street Occupancy (Download .xls file)
Supporting Documentation 2016
PWPT-115.0 Parking Meter Supporting Documentation updated for 2016
PWPT-116.0 General Traffic Control Procedures for Street Public Occupancy   10/31/2008
PWPT-117.0 Pedestrian Walkway   10/6/2008
PWPT-118.0 Temporary Sign Supporting Documentation 4/10/2009
PWPT-119.0 Tenant Use and Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) Supporting Documentation 12/14/2009
PWPT-120.0 Transit Amenity Program Bench, Shelter and Kiosk Supporting Documentation 8/1/2002
PWPT-121.0 Utility Plan Review   7/15/2015
PWPT-122.0 Annual Dumpster & Container Supporting Documentation 1/29/2014
PWPT-123.1 Freestanding Small Cell Infrastructure ROW Permit Supporting Documentation 1/19/2018
Permit Offices

Wastewater Building - 1st Floor

2000 W. 3rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80223-1027
Phone: 303-446-3759

  • Street Occupancy Permit
  • SUDP Permit - Inspections only
  • Meter Bagging
  • Dumpster Permits
  • Tables, Chairs & Railings (TCR) Permit
  • Oversize/Overweight Permit

Webb Building - 5th Floor

201 W. Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80202

  • Other Public Works Permits

Street Occupancy

Denver Public Works provides resources for the short-term use of the City’s Right-of-Way (ROW) by applicants through the issuance of various permits.

Applicant Resources »

If you are inquiring about permit(s) for private property, please contact the Denver Building Department.