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Public Works Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer Permits

Last updated: AUGUST 2017

Reference Title Additional documentation Last Modified
PWPT-401.1 Construction Activities Stormwater Discharge Permit   8/21/2017
PWPT-402.0 Permission to Design, Plan, Construct, Reconstruct or Remodel a Storm, Sanitary or ROW Improvement   unknown
PWPT-403.0 Sewer Main Line Abandonment   5/7/2013
PWPT-404.0 Sewer Main Line Build Over Requirements   5/7/2013
PWPT-405.0 Sewer Use and Drainage Permit SUDP   5/22/2015
PWPT-406.0 SUDP Commercial and Multi-Residential Permit   12/12/2014
PWPT-407.0 SUDP Floodplain   2/15/2013
PWPT-408.0 SUDP Foundation Only   12/30/2009
PWPT-409.0 SUDP Groundwater Remediation   4/8/2009
PWPT-410.0 SUDP One-time Discharge to Sanitary   10/28/2008
PWPT-411.0 SUDP Parking Garages   12/30/2009
PWPT-412.0 SUDP Residential Detached Garages   12/3/2009
PWPT-413.0 SUDP Septic to Sanitary Sewer   5/2/2013
PWPT-414.0 SUDP Sewer Cutoff, Repair, PreTreatment Devices   6/27/2013
PWPT-415.0 SUDP Sewer Stub-In Permit   5/2/2013
PWPT-416.0 SUDP Single Family & Duplex   12/12/2014
PWPT-417.0 SUDP Single Family & Duplex Addition   12/12/2014
PWPT-418.0 SUDP Superstructure, Core and Shell, Multi-Residential and Mixed Use   12/30/2009
PWPT-419.0 SUDP Temporary Sales and Construction Trailers   10/20/2014
PWPT-420.0 SUDP Tenant Finish/ Alternation Commercial   12/30/2009
PWPT-421.0 Trenchless Sewer Line Rehabilitation Requirements   6/1/2010
PWPT-422.0 Uninspected Building Sewer Line Connection or Reuse of Abandoned Sewer Line   10/6/2008
Permit Offices

Wastewater Building - 1st Floor

2000 W. 3rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80223-1027
Phone: 303-446-3759

  • Street Occupancy Permit
  • SUDP Permit - Inspections only
  • Meter Bagging
  • Dumpster Permits
  • Tables, Chairs & Railings (TCR) Permit
  • Oversize/Overweight Permit

Webb Building - 5th Floor

201 W. Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80202

  • Other Public Works Permits