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56th Avenue at Peña Boulevard Operational & Safety Improvements


Denver Public Works is planning improvements to 56th Avenue across the Peña Transportation Corridor, from Memphis Street east to approximately 400 feet east of the Regional Transportation District (RTD) A-Line rail bridge, to improve traffic operations and safety of the interchange, address future travel demand, and enhance multimodal use and connectivity. 

Project Area

project map showing locations of multi-use paths and stormwater detention pond near Pena Boulevard interchange

The Project includes the Peña Boulevard interchange and overall corridor 56th Avenue improvements, including extending four travel lanes west under Peña which will taper back into the existing two-lane section near old Buckley Road; ramp improvements to Peña Boulevard; a median; a stormwater detention pond; and multi-use trail connections. Multi-use trail connections will be added on the north and south sides of 56th Avenue west of the existing Peña interchange, connecting to old Buckley Road on the north side and Memphis Street on the south side.

Project Schedule

project schedule showing design and environmental evaluation in 2018 and construction beginning in 2019

Project Materials

Materials including proposed cross section designs will be provided in Spring/Summer 2018.

Project Status: Design & Environmental

Environmental should be completed late summer or early fall 2018.

Final design should be completed December 2018.

Construction should begin spring of 2019.

56th Avenue at Pena project logo

Far Northeast Area Plan -- Neighborhood Meeting
Tuesday, January 30

Other District 11 Neighborhood Meetings
TBD: Ongoing


Jess Ortiz, Denver Public Works
Senior Engineer/Project Manager

Jane Boand, Denver Public Works
Senior Planner


National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Categorical Exclusion Process

Proposed Federal Action

If a project uses federal funds or has any other federal nexus, it is classified as a "proposed federal action" and is subject to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) evaluation process.

If a project is anticipated to result in low levels of environmental impact and meets certain criteria, it may be "categorically excluded" from a full NEPA analysis. This is the case with the 56th Avenue at Peña Boulevard project, which is expected to be cleared as a Categorical Exclusion (CatEx).



Evaluation of Potential Environmental Impacts

The CatEx evaluates the environmental impacts that the project is likely to present and the reason for exclusion. The Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) CatEx process will be followed for the 56th Aveune at Peña Boulevard Project.

The environmental impacts evaluation will assess potential impacts to neighborhoods, recreation resources, wildlife and threatened & endangered species, vegetation, noxious weeds and habitat, visual, water resources and quality, wetlands, hazardous materials, air quality, and noise.

Impact Review and Approvals

Once the final CatEx has been submitted,the FHWA, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will decide to approve the CatEx or require additional analysis.